Saturday, 9 May 2009

Plan for 2nd Week in Leicester

We aimed this second week in Leicester to be about communication. This is because we felt that if there was better communication within the school then they would be able to improve on the issues that were occurring.


Monday 30th March - Year 10 Drama and Year 10 Performing Arts

Tuesday 31st March
- Year 12 Drama and Year 13 Performing Arts

Wednesday 1st April
- Year 10 Drama and Year 13 Performing Arts and Year 12 B-Tec

Thuesday 2nd April
- Year 11 Drama and Year 11 Performing Arts and session with the Teachers

Friday 3rd April
- Year 12 Drama and Year 13 Performing Arts and Year 12 B-Tec


Session 1

Talk about how you communicate
Face Value Game
Play Babushka
Play Freeze
Create a tableau, give them a place, they create a line each to represent who and where they are

Session 2

Play Babushka
Levels of emotion from 1-5
3 Chair emotion game
Conclude with what they have learnt about performance skills

Kate asked that with the older years, whether we could help them with their exam work. Therefore with the ...

Year 12's - we helped with community project
B-Tec - we helped with their musical exam
Year 13's - we helped with their devised piece

Session with the teachers

Face Value Game
What makes a good teacher and what makes a bad teacher?
Games - demonstrating how frustrating it is when you don't get something
Discussion about what we have seen and what we have been doing with the students and get their feedback

We also created feedback sheets for the students and teachers to fill in, so that we could get a realistic view on how they had felt about the work we were doing

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