Saturday, 21 February 2009

Get involved!!! Quote Page

In my last entry I spoke about what I loved about doing drama and my favourite quote that I have learnt over the years which is..

Peter Brook - 'A man walks across an empty space while someone else is watching him, and that is all that is needed for the act of theatre to be engaged'

I would love to know some others. Let me know what your favourite quotes are. They do not have to be fully drama related but just something that stimulates the mind.

Lets get involved in the our own Drama Community and lets have a quote page or just say what you love about drama and what motivates you to do it! When we have so much work on the go it is easy to forget what you love about drama - so lets remind ourselves!!!

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Mark Griffin said...

My favourite Drama quotes- 1 short, 1 long come from Augusto Boal who says...

'Have the Courage to be Happy!'

and Anne Bogart who writes in A Director Prepares.

'Do not wait. Do not wait until you for enough time or money to accomplish what you think you have in mind. Work with what you have right now. Work with the people around you right now. Work with the architecture you see around you right now. Do not wait for what you assume is the appropriate stress-free environment in which to generate expression. Do not wait for maturity or insight or wisdom. Do not wait until you know what you're doing. Do not wait until you have enough technique. What you do now will determine the quality and scope of your future endeavours.
And, at the same time be patient.'

My favourite non drama quote comes from Antoine de St.Exupery who wrote The Little Prince but also rather smartly spotted that

'Joy is the greatest gift of our civilisation!'

and Ain't that the truth?